Does Art Catalyst Australia (ACA) hire models?
No, ACA is not a venue or school that employs models. It is a website with an online social network that promotes art sessions and art models seeking to announce themselves to artists, schools or other art networks.

Can ACA act as my modelling agency?
No, ACA does not book or manage bookings on behalf of models. Models listed on this site deal directly with clients who contact them using the contact information models have agreed to share on this website. Models then negotiate bookings with clients directly without involvement from ACA.

Is there a standard art modelling fee?
We use the industry standard for modelling fees promoted by the The Life Model Society. This fee is currently $35 per hour for life modelling. We encourage models and clients booking them to follow this as a guide for the benefit of all life models, however models are free to negotiate alternative rates if they are acceptable to them.   

I'm concerned about my online privacy. Do I have to upload an image or share all my contact information?
Yes you do have to provide an image but the contact information you share is up to you. 

Acceptable types of images include:

  • Portrait shots (3/4 or headshot). Images must have been taken within the last 12 months.
  • An artistic representation of you, such as a photography, drawing, painting or sculpture completed as an artistic study of you
  • Images do not have to be nude, they can be fully clothed
  • Important: Please note that for the safety of models images that do not reflect a serious creative pursuit or endeavour may not be accepted. ACA reserves the right to decline to publish an image which, at its view, breaches the standards required of this website.

How long can I list myself on the site for?

  • 3 or 6 months months active model membership, complete with your choice of contact method (email or phone) and links to your own site (if you have one)
  • One profile image for clients to review before hiring. Models purchasing a 6 month listing may add up to 5 images to their own gallery page
  • The option to update your profile image or personal details as required throughout the activation period.
  • All MLD models are announced via MLD social networks (facebook and twitter)
  • TBC

Do I need to have experience to be listed as an MLD model?

  • MLD will only list trained or suitably experienced models at the discretion of MLD management
  • All models on the Life Models Society (LMS) list qualify for an online profile. 
  • People not on the LMS list must have modelling work references available on request as these are likely to be checked.

Can I update/change or delete my profile details?
Yes just email and if it's a minor change MLD will do this free of charge if your profile is currently ACTIVE. 

What about my privacy?
MLD can include as much or as little of your contact information as you prefer. You may include either your own email (perhaps even set one up just for MLD enquiries) and or a contact phone number.

What forms of payment do you accept?
A secure payment made using own funds in a Paypal account or a credit card (your account / credit card details are NOT disclosed to MLD)

I'm interested what next?

  • Complete and submit the MLD profile information form (if you have an image, great, if not just submit one separately via email)
  • MLD will check your details and will send you a PayPal Invoice or details for a bank transfer
  • MLD will send you profile copy to review / approve

Once approved your profile is published on MLD and announced on MLD’s facebook page and its followers

How do I become a life model?
Art Catalyst does not currently run it's own life model training courses.