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Advertiser Terms & Conditions

As a session host (including teachers and private artists) I will ensure the session is run in a safe and fair manner for all life models engaged to work for that agreed session(s).

I acknowledge and will abide by the standard working conditions for life models as stated below:

  • Provide a comfortable working space with good heating and adequate ventilation
  • Provide a nearby change room and toilet
  • Provide clean, comfortable props eg. rug for standing purposes, and cushions for sitting/reclining poses, clean sheets
  • Give models a 5 to 10 min break for every 20 mins working session at model's discretion
  • Ensure that model is visible to participant artists, students and teachers only
  • The industry rate for standard modelling (non-photographic) is $35.00 per hour for nude, costume and portrait work. Minimum call out is for 2 hours work. 
  • The model reserves the right to renegotiate standard rates directly with the venue host. 
  • I understand that MLD does not negotiate rates or booking arrangements on behalf of models
  • For photographic modelling pay the model at least $75 per hour. Minimum call out is 2 hours
  • Never photograph a model without their consent
  • In case of double booking pay both models in full. In case of a cancellation please pay the model if less than a week's notice is given
  • Never touch the model without their permission
  • Do not ask models to wear garments inappropriate for serious artistic pursuit
  • The model reserves the right to refuse to adopt poses s/he considers inappropriate or dangerous
  • Never use spray fixative indoors
  • Prohibit the use of mobile phones (if in a class situation) and check before bringing any digital cameras into the life drawing studio